Try Evio out for the first time

Use trial accounts and Docker containers to test-drive Evio

Deploy with Docker

Configure and deploy Docker Openfire XMPP server

Configure and deploy Docker EVio nodes

Deploy with deb package for x86 and ARM

Deploy EVio nodes from Debian package

Use Evio to deploy Kubernetes across multiple edge providers

Kubernetes integration and deployment options

Kubernetes deployment with Flannel

Kubernetes deployment with Evio CNI plugin

Step-by-step deployment of Flannel+Evio Kubernetes cluster from scratch

Understand Evio architecture and configuration architecture overview architecture overview - video

Configuring EVio nodes - template and basic configuration

Configuring EVio nodes - complete description

Additional deployment and configuration options

Set up STUN and TURN servers

Configuring Openfire XMPP and with x509 certificate-based authentication

Deploying all-in-one XMPP/TURN/STUN/MySQL server for Evio in Amazon EC2

Building from source

Test Evio with multiple containers in a single host


Troubleshooting and reporting bugs

Open issues

Join our user’s list to post questions

Additional documentation and helpful resources

The wiki

An introduction to NAT traversal and STUN/TURN

Another useful documentat on NAT traversal