Install and Run on Ubuntu Linux

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 x64

Get deb Package

Download the latest release from the GitHub repository.

Install deb Package

sudo apt install -y <path/to>/edge-vpnio_*.deb

Edit Configuration File

After installation, but before starting, configure your node by editing /etc/opt/edge-vpnio/config.json. You can use the template from this page and add XMPP credentials, setting the IP address, and applying other configurations as needed

Run Service

sudo systemctl start evio

Additionally, use systemctl to start/stop/restart/status evio.


The installer has dependencies on, and will install python3 (>=3.6), python3-dev (>=3.6), python3-pip, iproute2, bridge-utils.

By default, the following files and directories are created:

  1. /opt/edge-vpnio/tincan
  2. /opt/edge-vpnio/controller/
  3. /etc/opt/edge-vpnio/config.json
  4. /etc/systemd/system
  5. /var/logs/edge-vpn/tincan_log
  6. /var/logs/edge-vpn/ctrl.log

Disabling or removing the software

To disable Start on Boot

sudo systemctl disable evio

To remove the package

sudo apt remove -y evio